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There is just nothing better than a snuggly baby who does exactly what you want him to do. Kent was no exception- he slept, he ate, and then he slept and smiles some more. I was just in baby heaven!
webkentdr33Thank you so much DR family for choosing Andrea Burns Photography!  I loved meeting you in Preston!


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Introducing this gorgeous nugget, Baby B!  He was SO adorable and SOOOO SWEEEET!  Ahhh, I just can’t stand it!







I am the worst at blogging lately! I do apologize! Two boys in baseball creates a very busy Spring- but I am so excited to share some sessions I’ve had recently.

First up is newborn baby S. I met his family at their lovely home in Cambridge on a rainy afternoon. Not that you would know it- b/c their house was still filled with gorgeous pockets of light. Baby S was just a dream, as was the rest of his family.


Thank you B family for choosing Andrea Burns Photography! I hope you enjoyed your custom newborn photography!

It’s been a long time since I shot a studio session- and I couldn’t be happier with how these images turned out. Of course it totally helps that Miss L was just as precious as they come. So smiley… such personality… such beauty! I am truly blessed with such wonderful clients to photograph!  Behold…. and take in All. Of. The. Cuteness!!!!! You won’t be able to resist….


See! Told you, you couldn’t resist!

I just can’t get enough of the sweet D family. I’ve photographed their family several times now, and they are always such a joy. I’ve really enjoyed watching big brother A grow, and now his precious sister L. This is from last fall- I’m so sorry I’m behind in blogging- Grad Classes does that to a gal. ;)  I love shooting in Downtown Annapolis.  Such a variety of textures and sweet little hide-away spots.
Andrea Burns Photography | annapolis md photographer
Andrea Burns Photography | annapolis md photographer
Andrea Burns Photography | annapolis md photographer
Andrea Burns Photography | eastern shore md photographer
Andrea Burns Photography | eastern shore md photographer
Andrea Burns Photography | eastern shore md photographer
Andrea Burns Photography | eastern shore md photographer
Andrea Burns Photography | annapolis md photographer
Andrea Burns Photography | annapolis md photographer
Thanks for coming back again and again D family!

Baby A had been waited for… and waited for… and waited for. And HE was a complete surprise, since mom & dad had decided to wait to see just what Baby was.  And they couldn’t have been more peaked.  And Baby A couldn’t be more loved.  Both of his big brothers love to dote and care for him.  One of the most beautiful families I know– go ahead— take a peak….



Thanks W family!!

What can I say about my friend F and company? The face that she makes my job incredibly easy? That she hasn’t gotten sick of me yet, and this is her 5th time back? That all of her children are so smart and generous and genuinely love one another? That they are all laid back and helpful? All of that is completely true, and we couldn’t have had a better afternoon in downtown Annapolis. All day we had been watching the weather… it had been 80% chance of thunderstorms all day. We decided to go for it, and it couldn’t have gone better. In fact, as soon as we wrapped up the session, the skies opened, for the rest of the night!

Onto their family images-

Thanks B family!  I always LOVE seeing you!

When I married my husband, his lovely sister had already had children.  In fact my beautiful niece was out flower girl in our wedding.  And for many years the W Kids were my own childrens’ only cousins.  Just recently my own baby sister had a baby!  A new cousin!  A new Nephew!  We are just over the moon!  He has been long waited for, and much loved.

Introducing my newphew Bryson… born just two days after my Seth’s Birthday… on Sept 27, 2012.

Welcome to our CRAZY family Bryson! Con mucho carina, Tia Andrea.

Mr. Smith contacted me several months ago to set up a family photo session here on the Eastern Shore. But we kept having to reschedule, because the weather was not cooperating! The day we finally got to meet and shoot was p-e-r-f-e-c-t! Lovely temps and lovely sunshine… matching their very sunny personalities!  These girls were just plain awesome.  Hugging and snuggling was not a problem for these ladies!

Thanks for choosing Andrea Burns Photography Smith Family!  I hope to work with you again!

The extended L family hails from New York, but came to the lovely Hyatt Resort in Cambridge, MD.  They searched for an eastern shore family photographer for a while, and decided on me.  I’m so happy they did!  They were all celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Gramma & Grampa.  It was cloudy and overcast, but that was OK!  It still made for dramatic skies.  This family was fun, and everyone was well behaved- even grampa!  LOL.

Congrats on 50 years Mr. & Mrs. L!