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“Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

I love nothing more (besides my own family… and maybe wine….) than a week at the beach. Salt Water is therapy for my soul.  Recently my family returned to the Outer Banks in North Carolina, and we just had an amazing (shark free) time.  Restored.  Refreshed.  Whole.








Look at just how my family has grown! Ack!


This shoot signifies the FIFTH session I’ve had with the always-lovely H family. I have truly loved watching the girls grow, and Mrs. H and I always just have a great time together.  Little K & M aren’t so little anymore, but they are still as precious and spirited as ever!  And my Audrey has hair bow envy, I tell ya!

Till next year H Fam! xoxoxo

Yikes! I am so behind in my blogging!

I went to High School with Mrs. H… dare I even mention Middle School? ;) Its been years since we’ve seen each other, so I can tell you with perfect honesty that Mrs H hasn’t changed one bit. She looks just as lovely now as she did back in the *ahem* mid-nineties.

I got to meet her gorgeous kids, and her daughter is just her little clone! Down to some of the brightest blue eyes you have EVER seen. We shot the session behind her parents’ home in Centreville, MD, here on the Eastern Shore.

It was great catching up B!

I just love the Z family. They are a four-peat family. Little Audrey is near and dear to my heart, and I’ve just loved watching her grow from a newborn, six months, one year and now… all the way to two years old.  She’s grown in beauty and grace, and I’ve really enjoyed chatting with mom & dad during our sessions.    Without further adieu…

Thanks Z family!

I met up with this adorable family at a nearby field for one of my wildflower sessions. The evening of our session couldnt have been a more beautiful and these kids were just ADORABLE in their outfits.  Mama taught them great manners too… as I would try to direct Miss M, and she’d politely say “No thank you.”  Lol, she was a doll, and we persuaded her anyway.   Enjoy this session of these beautiful children!

Thanks V family for choosing Andrea Burns Photography!

I have had clients that I’ve only seen once. I have had clients come back twice. I’ve even had a few “threepeats.” But these W-kids? FOURpeat family! I’ve photographed them three times on their lovely property, and this time I had them in for a Studio shakeup! I LOVE how bright and bold these turned out!

Let me tell you, the only boy in this bunch… “J”… he’s going to make a GREAT husband someday! He was nothing but sweet and cooperative the whole time, even with sisters pushing all over him, lol. Thank you again, again, and AGAIN W family!

Andrea Burns is a studio and on-location, natural light, lifestyle photographer specializing in newborns, babies, children, families, and weddings.
She serves the Eastern Shore MD area including Maryland (Queen Annes, Kent, Talbot, Caroline Counties, Annapolis & Eastern Shore).
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