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We’ve seen this family before. I could practically start a new website solely devoted to the lovely W Kids. They are such great little souls, inside and out!I have really just enjoyed watching them grow… ever since the youngest was just a couple months old. Which, by the way, she’s only a few days younger than my Audrey…. so maybe thats another reason I’m so sentimental about this great family!

Thanks again W Fam! See you next time!

here is what i know.

this family, this family right here… are some of the best and most generous people on this planet.

this family stepped out and helped my family when we were in need.  this family loved us, held our hands, and helped walk us through a tough time.

is this a little personal for a photography blog?  sure.  but i love this family.  they are my people.

my people… love you dearly.



This shoot signifies the FIFTH session I’ve had with the always-lovely H family. I have truly loved watching the girls grow, and Mrs. H and I always just have a great time together.  Little K & M aren’t so little anymore, but they are still as precious and spirited as ever!  And my Audrey has hair bow envy, I tell ya!

Till next year H Fam! xoxoxo

Yikes! I am so behind in my blogging!

I went to High School with Mrs. H… dare I even mention Middle School? ;) Its been years since we’ve seen each other, so I can tell you with perfect honesty that Mrs H hasn’t changed one bit. She looks just as lovely now as she did back in the *ahem* mid-nineties.

I got to meet her gorgeous kids, and her daughter is just her little clone! Down to some of the brightest blue eyes you have EVER seen. We shot the session behind her parents’ home in Centreville, MD, here on the Eastern Shore.

It was great catching up B!

Amie Brady of Amie Brady Photography contacted me about having some fall family photos taken.  Talk about pressure… shooting for another photographer?  Yikes, right?  But then I meet them, and I realize it was no pressure at all.  Very warm family…. each of them so good-looking!  And I loved her kids names…. very unique monikers!   Thanks Amie for coming all that way to see me!

The M family members are troopers.  Vacationing from NJ on Kent Island, MD, they wanted me to come out and photograph them on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay.  I was originally slated for a Saturday night shoot.  But then the weather forecast said 70% chance of rain.  So we moved it to the night before.  Only 20% chance of rain.

Wouldn’t you know, it started to rain on my drive in.  It sprinkled all of my time there, with a short heavy rain in the middle (we hid and shot on the porch).  The beautiful crazy of it all?  We could see directly across the bay to Annapolis… where the sun was setting and gorgeous.  So the silhouette you’re about to see?  Raining on us.

Enough about the story… what a genuinely gorgeous family.  Such warm and generous hearts… mom had never met before… but the wind had picked up and she kindly lent me her sweatshirt.  They were true sports to follow my directions in the windy drizzle….

Thanks M family!  I’m SO HAPPY for the raindrops we had that night!

I met both Mr. & Mrs. T waaaay back in the stone ages of 6th grade. All three of us shared many classes together through Middle and High School. It’s a fun fact that Mr. & Mrs. T didn’t even actually date and marry, till after college. But I’m thrilled they did. Its always lovely to see two friends fall in love. And of course… start their family. Meet our little Ravens Fan… JP!

Thanks T family… and when is our cookout happening again? ;)

Its been interesting teaching my kids to shed their city slicker ways and become country kids. “What do you mean ‘go outside and play?’” LOL, I was always to scared to let them play for too long in our old townhouse division. But with secluded uninterrupted 20 acres of field and forrest, I’ve tried encouraging them to play outside more.  They’re leaning though.  :)

I had the chance to spend some time and get to know the extended F family a couple weeks ago. What a fun family! They were celebrating Grampa’s milestone birthday and took the opportunity to preserve their family in photos.  We met at the Hyatt Resort in Cambridge… it was SO beautiful! You wouldn’t know by looking at these, but it was so HOT that day, and these kids were such troopers.

Thanks F family!

I’ve photographed these lovely kids before! They traveled out of their way to see me last summer, and then were happily surprised I was so much closer once I had moved. This session is the first official session I’ve shot since moving, with all new locations. Some of these are in my backyard!  The T kids are beyond awesome… big Brother R is so laid back.  Sister L is definitely more spunky, and she kept us on our toes.  This session was fun, in that there was a good 30 minute rain storm in between the town shots and the field shots.  So we all hung out in my kitchen in between, lol.

L is her mom’s clone!  Thanks again T family for coming to see me!