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I love shooting at the Hyatt Regency Resort in Cambridge, MD! The grounds are so beautiful- and offer such a variety… urban brick, and of course, a lot of waterfront.  I’ve also been blessed to be hired by such lovely families.  The H family from New Jersey was no exception.  I was in and out like a flash, because they were just awesome!  Pros at posing, I think… lol.  This family was very sweet- very connected and they genuinely loved one another!

Thanks H family!  Hopefully I get to see you again next year!

A few weeks ago my family got to take a glorious trip to Myrtle Beach. It was our first time there, and we absolutely loved every moment.  We are beach bums… we normally spend 6 to 8 hours on the beach every day, before we head out for various adventures.  Our favorite excursion?  Alligator Adventure, near Barefoot Landing.  My kids LOVED petting a baby gator and watching the live feedings.  I loved reconnecting with my precious 4 people, and stocking up on my Vitamin D.

Mrs. N brought adorable Grant to me in Denton, MD for a birthday shoot. Grant had turned two, and what a better way to document his precious growth?!? Grant was just a doll, he flirted, he listened well, and he showed both his Mama & his Gramma how much he loved them. I just loved this session!

Gramma ordered an album of the session, and it turned out so cute, if I say so myself!  Andrea Burns Photography offers high quality, lay flat albums, with thick archival photographic pages.

Thanks for choosing Andrea Burns Photography N family!

I love it when the stars can finally align, and a wish you’ve wished for finally comes true.  I’ve known Rachel a verrrry long time.  (We won’t admit how long, mmm’kay?)  We both moved away from home years ago.  Over the last several years I’ve photographed various members and events within her extended family.  And each time she’d email me… “Please come to [ ] and shoot us!”

Finally… FINALLY, our locations and schedules lined up, and I spent a lovely evening with a family who genuinely gets along so well, that I asked her for parenting advice, LOL! Rachel- I truly hope you love what you see.  And though our distance is several hundred miles apart— our friendship is not.

Thanks A family for coming all that way, just to see lil’ ole’ me.

I might be a little biased, because Mrs. S is one of my best friends… but this entire session was just beautiful!  A storm was rolling in, so it was both windy and grey, but we worked it fast and got it done!  I love each member of this family… from Mr. S who dances Just Dance wildy with his daughter at her birthday party, to the brothers D & D who are complete contrasts of silly and serious, to little M who generously shares her sparkle shoes with my Audrey, to Mrs. S… who was clearly and graciously put in my path last year and we gravitated like magnets and now I wonder how I ever lived without her.  Our closets are now almost clones of each others, and whatever I don’t own, she lends easily, lol!  ;)

***PS- NO chickens were harmed in the making of these family images. ;)

In my initial inquiry from Mrs. H, she mentioned she had five boys. Five?!?! Thats enough to make any photographer start to sweat and have anxiety. Until I got there. And I realized that these five boys were so supremely well behaved. They each a little gentleman, with perfect manners, and never once complained about what they were doing. I couldn’t get over it! And lets talk about the H’s property on Kent Island, MD. Gorgeous. Breathtaking! A photographer’s dream come true with a weathered barn AND waterfront! This equation was made in heaven… perfect children + perfect property = one of my FAVE sessions to date. I loved every moment, and look forward to the next time.

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. H for choosing Andrea Burns Photography!

Don’t let Courtney’s edgy look fool you one one iota. Courtney is one of the most gentle and generous ladies I’ve ever met, not to mention gorgeous!  The 3 G’s!  Courtney is also a master hair stylist who owns her own shop in Easton, called Glam.  Courtney and her son E were a total trip to shoot one late afternoon.  E was a gentleman and a ham all at once… a dangerous combination!   Just check them out~

Thanks for the wonderful evening Courtney & E!

When I married my husband, his lovely sister had already had children.  In fact my beautiful niece was out flower girl in our wedding.  And for many years the W Kids were my own childrens’ only cousins.  Just recently my own baby sister had a baby!  A new cousin!  A new Nephew!  We are just over the moon!  He has been long waited for, and much loved.

Introducing my newphew Bryson… born just two days after my Seth’s Birthday… on Sept 27, 2012.

Welcome to our CRAZY family Bryson! Con mucho carina, Tia Andrea.

The extended S family came from Virginia to the beautiful Hyatt Resort here on the Eastern Shore. Its located in Cambridge, Maryland, and I have really been enjoying shooting vacationing families there these past couple summers. The S family was so fun and sweet. Brother M and I actually share the same birthday! That tickled me, since I feel like my birthday is the most random un-birthday day ever. Lol.

The S family was also great that they asked for clothing help and really took my Clothing Advice to heart.  I ADORE their color choices, especially on the water.

Thanks for choosing Andrea Burns Photography S family! See you next time!

Mama contacted me ages ago to set up a surprise shoot for her husband, who is actively serving for our country. I have a big heart for military families, and for women who are holding down the fort while dads are serving. Its a hard job, and I thank all the American Service people who are working so hard.

Back to the session… lol… Mama and her kids trekked out and we had a great time shooting around Caroline & Talbot counties. I’ve found some really neat location spots. And just look at how stunning they are all!

What a great family, what a fantastic session! See you again when Daddy comes home, McD’s!