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Andrew contacted me on a Thursday. He was planning a proposal to his girlfriend on Saturday- and he wanted it secretly documented. I may have been more excited than he about this…. Anyways- we hatched a plan, and I tried not to cry as it unfolded.  It was a gorgeous fall morning in St. Michaels, MD- and Lauren was here under the ruse of a farmer’s market.



She said YES!


Congratulations Andrew & Lauren!!!  Many blessings to you in your life together!


I’ve had the pleasure of shooting the H family on their Kent Island, MD property for three years now. These boys are just so handsome! Watch out girls, because they are incredible charming and polite too!  I just love that each boy has their own look- but you know without a doubt they are family.


Thanks so much for coming back to Andrea Burns Photography again H family! See you next year!

I love it when the stars can finally align, and a wish you’ve wished for finally comes true.  I’ve known Rachel a verrrry long time.  (We won’t admit how long, mmm’kay?)  We both moved away from home years ago.  Over the last several years I’ve photographed various members and events within her extended family.  And each time she’d email me… “Please come to [ ] and shoot us!”

Finally… FINALLY, our locations and schedules lined up, and I spent a lovely evening with a family who genuinely gets along so well, that I asked her for parenting advice, LOL! Rachel- I truly hope you love what you see.  And though our distance is several hundred miles apart— our friendship is not.

Thanks A family for coming all that way, just to see lil’ ole’ me.

In my initial inquiry from Mrs. H, she mentioned she had five boys. Five?!?! Thats enough to make any photographer start to sweat and have anxiety. Until I got there. And I realized that these five boys were so supremely well behaved. They each a little gentleman, with perfect manners, and never once complained about what they were doing. I couldn’t get over it! And lets talk about the H’s property on Kent Island, MD. Gorgeous. Breathtaking! A photographer’s dream come true with a weathered barn AND waterfront! This equation was made in heaven… perfect children + perfect property = one of my FAVE sessions to date. I loved every moment, and look forward to the next time.

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. H for choosing Andrea Burns Photography!

The extended S family came from Virginia to the beautiful Hyatt Resort here on the Eastern Shore. Its located in Cambridge, Maryland, and I have really been enjoying shooting vacationing families there these past couple summers. The S family was so fun and sweet. Brother M and I actually share the same birthday! That tickled me, since I feel like my birthday is the most random un-birthday day ever. Lol.

The S family was also great that they asked for clothing help and really took my Clothing Advice to heart.  I ADORE their color choices, especially on the water.

Thanks for choosing Andrea Burns Photography S family! See you next time!

The S Family

January 25, 2011

I know how much fun my job is. I know that cuddling babies is so precious, and capturing toddlers smiles almost magical. Sometimes though… I’m reminded about how important my job is.  To capture your family, just the way you are, in that moment, forever.

Dad here is in the military armed forces, and by the time I post this… already deployed back overseas… again.  Eight months this time.  But, Lord willing… this will be his last deployment, and he’ll be back for good before Christmas.  So, it was my deepest honor to document and preserve the S family, in all of their preciousness.

maryland family photography

maryland family photography

maryland children photography

maryland child photography

maryland couples photography

Many safe returns…. and thank you for what you’re doing for us.

What a fabulous family the R family was!  These troopers traveled a couple hours to come see me and my humble little studio.  I couldn’t have asked for a better session… the kids were darling and cute-as-pie, the parents gracious and patient… I had such a great time with them!

maryland family photographer
maryland family photographer
maryland family photographer
maryland family photographer
maryland family photographer
maryland family photographer
maryland family photographer
maryland family photographer
maryland family photographer


I have recently made the switch from PC to Mac, and am currently learning a whole new system…. blogging may be hit or miss this next week. I do have my 52 Week Project ready, but I need to figure out how to actually transfer it…. lol.

andrea burns photography | washington dc child photographer

andrea burns photography | washington dc child photographer

Is it any wonder that these handsome young men are as good looking as they are?!?!

I mean… just take aa look at their gorgeous parents!

andrea burns photography | washington dc couples photographer

And the fun we had when they all came together…

andrea burns photography | washington dc family photographer

andrea burns photography | washington dc family photographer

This family was the winner of my Spread The Love Giveaway!

21/52 Nine….

May 28, 2010

andrea burns photography

May 26, 2010

Nate and I celebrated nine years of marriage.

Exactly nine years ago earlier, it was raining cats and dogs. I was hurrying from the hairdresser’s, wearing a bag on my head to not ruin my bridal do’.  Today…  the two of us have a few more greys and a few more wrinkles. Who knew 9 years ago we’d be where we are and have what we have?!?!

Nate, it’s been an adventure, and thanks for sticking by my side! I love you!

(Thanks to my brother-in-law for pressing the button!)

andrea burns photography

andrea burns photography

andrea burns photography

andrea burns photography

andrea burns photography

I can’t express how much I’m going to miss my friends Joey & Amy when they move south in a few weeks.  They welcomed us to Maryland with open arms, provided innumerable laughs, taught us the *right* way to make Fondue, and enabled my husband’s new obsession with all things Apple.  All with  generous and beautiful hearts.  All I can say is… we are on our way for a visit.  ;)