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I love shooting at the Hyatt Regency Resort in Cambridge, MD! The grounds are so beautiful- and offer such a variety… urban brick, and of course, a lot of waterfront.  I’ve also been blessed to be hired by such lovely families.  The H family from New Jersey was no exception.  I was in and out like a flash, because they were just awesome!  Pros at posing, I think… lol.  This family was very sweet- very connected and they genuinely loved one another!

Thanks H family!  Hopefully I get to see you again next year!

Mrs. N brought adorable Grant to me in Denton, MD for a birthday shoot. Grant had turned two, and what a better way to document his precious growth?!? Grant was just a doll, he flirted, he listened well, and he showed both his Mama & his Gramma how much he loved them. I just loved this session!

Gramma ordered an album of the session, and it turned out so cute, if I say so myself!  Andrea Burns Photography offers high quality, lay flat albums, with thick archival photographic pages.

Thanks for choosing Andrea Burns Photography N family!

I love it when the stars can finally align, and a wish you’ve wished for finally comes true.  I’ve known Rachel a verrrry long time.  (We won’t admit how long, mmm’kay?)  We both moved away from home years ago.  Over the last several years I’ve photographed various members and events within her extended family.  And each time she’d email me… “Please come to [ ] and shoot us!”

Finally… FINALLY, our locations and schedules lined up, and I spent a lovely evening with a family who genuinely gets along so well, that I asked her for parenting advice, LOL! Rachel- I truly hope you love what you see.  And though our distance is several hundred miles apart— our friendship is not.

Thanks A family for coming all that way, just to see lil’ ole’ me.

Just a few of me and my girl. Look at how much she’s changed from our old picture in my profile photo above! It was blazing hot, but I was determined to get these while the Queen Anne’s Lace was still in bloom.

Thanks for stopping in. Have you had a Mommy & Me photo taken recently?

What can I say about my friend F and company? The face that she makes my job incredibly easy? That she hasn’t gotten sick of me yet, and this is her 5th time back? That all of her children are so smart and generous and genuinely love one another? That they are all laid back and helpful? All of that is completely true, and we couldn’t have had a better afternoon in downtown Annapolis. All day we had been watching the weather… it had been 80% chance of thunderstorms all day. We decided to go for it, and it couldn’t have gone better. In fact, as soon as we wrapped up the session, the skies opened, for the rest of the night!

Onto their family images-

Thanks B family!  I always LOVE seeing you!

I might be a little biased, because Mrs. S is one of my best friends… but this entire session was just beautiful!  A storm was rolling in, so it was both windy and grey, but we worked it fast and got it done!  I love each member of this family… from Mr. S who dances Just Dance wildy with his daughter at her birthday party, to the brothers D & D who are complete contrasts of silly and serious, to little M who generously shares her sparkle shoes with my Audrey, to Mrs. S… who was clearly and graciously put in my path last year and we gravitated like magnets and now I wonder how I ever lived without her.  Our closets are now almost clones of each others, and whatever I don’t own, she lends easily, lol!  ;)

***PS- NO chickens were harmed in the making of these family images. ;)

In my initial inquiry from Mrs. H, she mentioned she had five boys. Five?!?! Thats enough to make any photographer start to sweat and have anxiety. Until I got there. And I realized that these five boys were so supremely well behaved. They each a little gentleman, with perfect manners, and never once complained about what they were doing. I couldn’t get over it! And lets talk about the H’s property on Kent Island, MD. Gorgeous. Breathtaking! A photographer’s dream come true with a weathered barn AND waterfront! This equation was made in heaven… perfect children + perfect property = one of my FAVE sessions to date. I loved every moment, and look forward to the next time.

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. H for choosing Andrea Burns Photography!

I can hardly believe that it was almost 3 years ago when I last shot the J Family in their home!  Laillah & Cruz were adorable then… they certainly have grown into even more beautiful children!

And see…. this session… was all done in secret for Mrs. J, who was about to have a monumental birthday.  Mr. J contacted me, and it was he who set up the session under cover.  He even picked out all of the clothes, and we shot at his place of work, the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club, on Kent Island. Mr. J and I worked together to design a beautiful album for Mrs. J… who I have recently heard cried upon opening it.  That is music to my ears!

I just **LOVE** the Chesapeake Bay Bridge behind L & C in these last 2 images. Happy Happy Birthday Mrs. J!

Mr. Smith contacted me several months ago to set up a family photo session here on the Eastern Shore. But we kept having to reschedule, because the weather was not cooperating! The day we finally got to meet and shoot was p-e-r-f-e-c-t! Lovely temps and lovely sunshine… matching their very sunny personalities!  These girls were just plain awesome.  Hugging and snuggling was not a problem for these ladies!

Thanks for choosing Andrea Burns Photography Smith Family!  I hope to work with you again!

I’ve photographed little miss T a couple times before my move. But this was the first time I got to meet and smooch baby D. They travelled a little bit for the session, but I do believe that they liked the countryside here between Denton & Easton, MD. I love having such diverse and unique places to shoot… from country field to urban sidewalk in just minutes.

On to their precious photos~

Thanks for coming out T & D! Hope we get to play again soon!