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42/52 My Own Canvases

October 22, 2010

They’re here, they’re here!!  My own canvases from our family portrait session.  I. Love. Them. So. MUCH!


andrea burns canvas

andrea burns canvas

They are a 16×20, 20×30, and three 6×6′s, gallery wrapped.

One more 16×20 went in our dining room….

andrea burns canvas

It was purposely hun where I can see it every time I’m eating a meal.  My babies, in their essence.

41/52 Peek….

October 15, 2010

Fall is starting to show it’s lovely colors here in glorious Maryland….

andrea burns photography  | maryland child photographer

fellow photogs… ISO 1600!

40/52 moody

October 11, 2010

andrea burns photography

week 40 finds me moody, dark and reflective.  So who better to help me get that out, then my own sensitive Lucky.  A little somber, and a little texture, a lot handsome.

39/52 pleasestaylittle….

October 4, 2010

andrea burns photography

This little girl of mine is growing by the second.  For months now she has only had two words… “Uh-oh” and “hi.”  Just in the last week her vocabulary has expanded to include No (“doh!”), Shoes (“sus’), Dog/ Duck (“duh”), and of course when I press her to say Mama, she repeats “Dada” with a big smile.  She rocks herself to sleep on the rocking horse, and she asks me to read to her “Brown Bear” about a hundred times a day.  And by asking, I mean throwing the book at me while she simultaneously climbs into my lap.  She’s a great sleeper and a great eater, and is starting to show temper by screaming shrilly at the top of her lungs, especially when the boys annoy her.  Audrey is really starting to elongate and lose some of her chub, but the above picture shows she still has her cheeks that I get to kiss every hour.  Lucky me!

38/52 Seth’s Birthday

September 27, 2010

Andrea Burns Photography

My Seth had a great birthday… “The Best One ever!” he has told me several times.   Which was a relief to me, because my husband’s grandmother had passed away, and the funeral was actually held on his birthday.  But it was indeed special, as he was surrounded by all of his cousins and family… and lets face it, he made out like a bandit!

Andrea Burns Photography

First up, are some macros of flowers hubster brought home this week… “just because.”  I love the soft pinks.

andrea burns photography | montgomery village, md

Next up is not for the faint of heart.

Many of you know that I am training for my first marathon.  I have about 6 weeks left, and I’ve completed a couple of 18 mile runs thus far.  Yesterday’s run had me out on a trail in the woods… when I saw this crazy caterpillar crossing my path.  A Hickory Horned Devil to be exact…

andrea burns photography | montgomery village, md

He’s a good 6 inches long and a good inch wide.  I scooped him up into a plastic bag and ran 10 miles with him, just so I could show my boys.  He’s currently living in my son’s bug jar… for now.  He is kind of creepy, so we’ll see how long he gets to stay… lol.

andrea burns photography

“A little boy is the only thing God can use to make a man.”


35/52 My Beauty & Her Balloon

September 6, 2010

andrea burns photography

This past weekend, I had the utmost privilege of Lisa Lucky Photography to shoot our family photos.  I cannot wait to see Lisa’s magic!  It was quite an adventure and a haul to get out to see her, but I’m so glad I did.  It was so neat to be on “the other side” of the lens.  We spent the rest of the weekend recuperating… and then I remembered.  I hadn’t done my weekly photo.  I have to tell you,  I almost didn’t do it.  I have a cheesy iphone photo I thought about sharing.  But then I remembered the balloon Audrey got at church, and then I saw how gorgeous the light was to the side of our home.

I’m so glad I went out and took this.  She takes my breath away!

34/52 And He’s Off!

August 30, 2010

andrea burns photography

It doesn’t seem like it was too long ago that this little guy… was well… little.  And, oh boy… he was mine, all mine.  These last 5 and a half years, he’s been my buddy, my rascal, my tester of patience and wills.  But he was all mine.  I tried my best in teaching him right from wrong.  That “To Have a Friend, You Need To Be a Friend.”  To listen and obey.  I hope he’s ready.

Because, he’s not “all mine” anymore.  Now his teacher, Mrs. H will have him for 35 hours or so a week.

andrea burns photography

My first baby started Kindergarten.  Amidst my tears, he climbed that bus, and he had a great day.  Seth is growing up, and I hope and pray that he’s ready for this world.

33/52 The Fair…

August 20, 2010

andrea burns photography

It’s that time of year… where summer is winding down, and in our case, very first backpacks are being bought.  It’s also the annual tradition of heading to the county fair for the afternoon and evening.  Lucas was so excited.. he was finally big enough to ride rides this year!  All by himself on a few of them too!  I love the colorful light in the background of this… I also love that look on Lucky’s face.  He’s biting his lip, trying to suppress a smile.

Happy last few days of summer!