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I love it when the stars can finally align, and a wish you’ve wished for finally comes true.  I’ve known Rachel a verrrry long time.  (We won’t admit how long, mmm’kay?)  We both moved away from home years ago.  Over the last several years I’ve photographed various members and events within her extended family.  And each time she’d email me… “Please come to [ ] and shoot us!”

Finally… FINALLY, our locations and schedules lined up, and I spent a lovely evening with a family who genuinely gets along so well, that I asked her for parenting advice, LOL! Rachel- I truly hope you love what you see.  And though our distance is several hundred miles apart— our friendship is not.

Thanks A family for coming all that way, just to see lil’ ole’ me.

Just a few of me and my girl. Look at how much she’s changed from our old picture in my profile photo above! It was blazing hot, but I was determined to get these while the Queen Anne’s Lace was still in bloom.

Thanks for stopping in. Have you had a Mommy & Me photo taken recently?

RE: Family Photographs at the Hyatt

My family recently spent the weekend at your hotel in celebration of my parent’s 40th anniversary. My brothers and I decided to have family photos taken and give them to my parents as a gift of memories for years to come. When I called the hotel to find the name of a photographer the person I spoke with only had names of wedding photographers. Feeling at a loss, I searched the internet for local photographers. After spending hours online, I finally decided to call Andrea Burns. Her website showcased amazing family pictures and I could just tell that she would provide me with quality pictures. Andrea was quick to call me back and agreed to meet us during our stay. She was flexible with times and even suggested a rain date. Andrea is a local woman and knows the Hyatt landscape well.

On the evening we were supposed to meet for pictures it was overcast and rainy. Andrea and I agreed to cancel that night and have them done the following evening (at no extra charge). The following evening my entire family, including three grandchildren under the age of five met Andrea in the lobby of the hotel. She was quick to begin as she understood working with children is like working with a ticking time bomb. Needless to say the session went well and we all LOVE the pictures. They brought tears to my mother’s eyes and we are so happy that Andrea was able to capture our reunion with such quality.

It is without hesitation that I would like to suggest that you add Andrea Burns to your local list of photographers for family photographs. Given that The Hyatt has such beautiful scenery and is so family friendly I would think that many other families would love to take capture priceless memories of their stay.

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions. I have attached a shot of the group.


Beth L


you can see the rest of their Hyatt Resort in Cambridge Maryland photo session HERE (click me)


Garrett & Jillian’s Silver Swan Bayside wedding was gorgeous in every WINDY way. The details were immaculate, the bride absolutely stunning, the groom was dashing… their venue was breathtaking. Mother Nature wanted to also show up and give the gift of her strong breezes that day. But it didn’t stop Garrett & Jillian from stepping into life together as husband as wife.