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I might be a little biased, because Mrs. S is one of my best friends… but this entire session was just beautiful!  A storm was rolling in, so it was both windy and grey, but we worked it fast and got it done!  I love each member of this family… from Mr. S who dances Just Dance wildy with his daughter at her birthday party, to the brothers D & D who are complete contrasts of silly and serious, to little M who generously shares her sparkle shoes with my Audrey, to Mrs. S… who was clearly and graciously put in my path last year and we gravitated like magnets and now I wonder how I ever lived without her.  Our closets are now almost clones of each others, and whatever I don’t own, she lends easily, lol!  ;)

***PS- NO chickens were harmed in the making of these family images. ;)