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Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Don’t let Courtney’s edgy look fool you one one iota. Courtney is one of the most gentle and generous ladies I’ve ever met, not to mention gorgeous!  The 3 G’s!  Courtney is also a master hair stylist who owns her own shop in Easton, called Glam.  Courtney and her son E were a total trip to shoot one late afternoon.  E was a gentleman and a ham all at once… a dangerous combination!   Just check them out~

Thanks for the wonderful evening Courtney & E!

I know for a fact that my dear friend Susannah has heard that song all her life…. but I couldn’t help myself. :) I’ve known this lovely miss for several years now, and even shot her handsome brother’s senior photos a few years back. Susannah is on her way north this coming fall for College, and I wish her the best of luck this new chapter of her life has to offer!

Congrats on your upcoming graduation sweet Sus!