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Merry Christmas & Happy New Years!


Seth (7) started 1st Grade this fall, and is already reading on a 2nd Grade level. He loves to build anything lego and is obsessed with anything Star Wars. Seth loves Tron and Phineas & Ferb.


Lucas (4.5) is writing his name… backwards, forwards and upside down. He lives and breathes trains, and has no prejudice over which brand. Thomas, Geo Trax, Lionel… you name it. He really likes The Polar Express & Chuggington.


Audrey (2.5) throws punches and drop-kicks, while wearing all of her necklaces and bracelets. She refuses to use the potty whatsoever. She loves “Sesmee Street” and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Nate and I celebrated our 10th anniversary this year. Nate started the year as a Youth Pastor, and has ended the year accepted into Sheriff’s Academy. Big changes coming to our family! We moved two hours away to the Eastern Shore of Maryland this summer, and hopefully photography clientele will pick up for me this coming year. We are grateful to be living closer to family and watching God work in our life.

This shoot signifies the FIFTH session I’ve had with the always-lovely H family. I have truly loved watching the girls grow, and Mrs. H and I always just have a great time together.  Little K & M aren’t so little anymore, but they are still as precious and spirited as ever!  And my Audrey has hair bow envy, I tell ya!

Till next year H Fam! xoxoxo

I’ve been shooting for years…. into the double digits now… but this was the first time I’ve ever photographed twins.  I won’t lie… Mama L won’t lie… it was tough work.  One twin would get upset, sparking the other to also fuss.

But, ever the conquerer… we did it!  We had a great session, and I got great expressions from these two darling L boys.  The title?  Words to a little song that Gramma would sing to get them to look up and smile.  It was so sweet.

A precious squeeze for Gramma….

Thank you L family for bring the boys to me! Happy First Birthday!