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Yikes! I am so behind in my blogging!

I went to High School with Mrs. H… dare I even mention Middle School? ;) Its been years since we’ve seen each other, so I can tell you with perfect honesty that Mrs H hasn’t changed one bit. She looks just as lovely now as she did back in the *ahem* mid-nineties.

I got to meet her gorgeous kids, and her daughter is just her little clone! Down to some of the brightest blue eyes you have EVER seen. We shot the session behind her parents’ home in Centreville, MD, here on the Eastern Shore.

It was great catching up B!

Amie Brady of Amie Brady Photography contacted me about having some fall family photos taken.  Talk about pressure… shooting for another photographer?  Yikes, right?  But then I meet them, and I realize it was no pressure at all.  Very warm family…. each of them so good-looking!  And I loved her kids names…. very unique monikers!   Thanks Amie for coming all that way to see me!