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In Audrey’s words….

“spooky spooky…”

Happy Halloween!

The M family members are troopers.  Vacationing from NJ on Kent Island, MD, they wanted me to come out and photograph them on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay.  I was originally slated for a Saturday night shoot.  But then the weather forecast said 70% chance of rain.  So we moved it to the night before.  Only 20% chance of rain.

Wouldn’t you know, it started to rain on my drive in.  It sprinkled all of my time there, with a short heavy rain in the middle (we hid and shot on the porch).  The beautiful crazy of it all?  We could see directly across the bay to Annapolis… where the sun was setting and gorgeous.  So the silhouette you’re about to see?  Raining on us.

Enough about the story… what a genuinely gorgeous family.  Such warm and generous hearts… mom had never met before… but the wind had picked up and she kindly lent me her sweatshirt.  They were true sports to follow my directions in the windy drizzle….

Thanks M family!  I’m SO HAPPY for the raindrops we had that night!

It was a warm August day when L & P wed in a beautiful ceremony. Just a few days prior had been a terrible storm, and everyone was fretting about the weather… that is, except the bride herself! The old stone church was gorgeous and perfect, as was the bride, groom, and their three flower girls in attendance. I just adored the Bride’s dress… which she had affectionately named “Lucy.” The reception was held at a local winery, and was relaxed and laid back. I couldn’t have asked for a better time!

Many congrats and blessings L & P!