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I met both Mr. & Mrs. T waaaay back in the stone ages of 6th grade. All three of us shared many classes together through Middle and High School. It’s a fun fact that Mr. & Mrs. T didn’t even actually date and marry, till after college. But I’m thrilled they did. Its always lovely to see two friends fall in love. And of course… start their family. Meet our little Ravens Fan… JP!

Thanks T family… and when is our cookout happening again? ;)

Its been interesting teaching my kids to shed their city slicker ways and become country kids. “What do you mean ‘go outside and play?’” LOL, I was always to scared to let them play for too long in our old townhouse division. But with secluded uninterrupted 20 acres of field and forrest, I’ve tried encouraging them to play outside more.  They’re leaning though.  :)

I had the chance to spend some time and get to know the extended F family a couple weeks ago. What a fun family! They were celebrating Grampa’s milestone birthday and took the opportunity to preserve their family in photos.  We met at the Hyatt Resort in Cambridge… it was SO beautiful! You wouldn’t know by looking at these, but it was so HOT that day, and these kids were such troopers.

Thanks F family!