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I’ve photographed these lovely kids before! They traveled out of their way to see me last summer, and then were happily surprised I was so much closer once I had moved. This session is the first official session I’ve shot since moving, with all new locations. Some of these are in my backyard!  The T kids are beyond awesome… big Brother R is so laid back.  Sister L is definitely more spunky, and she kept us on our toes.  This session was fun, in that there was a good 30 minute rain storm in between the town shots and the field shots.  So we all hung out in my kitchen in between, lol.

L is her mom’s clone!  Thanks again T family for coming to see me!

I just love the Z family. They are a four-peat family. Little Audrey is near and dear to my heart, and I’ve just loved watching her grow from a newborn, six months, one year and now… all the way to two years old.  She’s grown in beauty and grace, and I’ve really enjoyed chatting with mom & dad during our sessions.    Without further adieu…

Thanks Z family!

This baby girl is so blessed. And oh-so-pretty. She was just an adorable baby doll for me.  Can you believe those long lashes and those pouty lips?  Watch out Dad!

Thanks K family for choosing Andrea Burns Photography!