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Birth, One & Two years

A Happy Happy Birthday to my Honey Girl!

Little Lathan was a wee peanut of barely 5 pounds. He is the spitting image of his father.  These newborn images are a little different, as I shot them on-location, all natural light.  I love it when my clients have huge windows.  This pose below is one of my all-time favorites.  The little foot sticking out slays me every time!  And its only sleeping infants under 10 days old that can bend that way.

And one of Lathan with his Daddy….

So sweet! Thank you L family for choosing Andrea Burns Photography!

I know that some of my Facebook Fans have already seen this duo of sweetness, but I can’t help but blog it.  I’ve been really lax about photographing my three these last couple months and need to change that.  Some clients often ask how I get such nice photos of my children… here’s the secret.  They don’t get full sessions.  I go in like a warrior, with one scene/ set up at a time.  It took me 15 min. to get these two photos, because Audrey wouldn’t grace me with her gaze, let alone a smile.  She was too busy fussing over the grass touching her toes.

Easter is coming, and we’re on our way to my family’s house on the Eastern Shore.  I pinky promise to photograph my kids there a little…. ;)






{The G family}

Remember my most recent Maternity Session?  Well, meet baby Markos, he finally made his debut!  He’s close to 4 weeks young in these photos already, but he was still a tiny sleepy peanut.  And let me tell you, he’s just the joy in his parents’ life.  Without further adieu . . .

Thank you G for choosing me to capture this amazingly wonderful time in your lives!

1. I am right handed, but goofy-footed.
2. I hate squash, meatloaf & mushrooms.
3. One food I couldn’t life without: the potato.
4.  I have a BS in Early Child Education.
5. I was a social butterfly in college, and as I age and mature, I find myself more introverted.
6. I love that Nate is a renaissance man, he can fix or build anything!
7. I collect vintage cameras. my favorite is my antique Rolleiflex.
8. I really want to live in a Craftmans’ Cottage/ colonial type home one day with beautiful woodwork inside and a stone fireplace… and a couple of acres.
9. House Hunters is one of my favorite shows.  Along with Raising Hope, Parenthood, Chopped, and Private Practice.
10. I often get asked if I ever model.  It mortifies me, and I think in my head “are they actually looking at me?”  I’m hyper critical of myself.
11. I have a weakness for girly dresses… for me or for Audrey.  GAP is my first choice.
12. I am most definitely  a night person.  I read until all hours.
13. I never spell the word guarantee correct.
14. I dream very vividly, wildly, and weirdly.
15. I hate it when Nate calls me “Bruce” or “Beatrice.”
16. I don’t actually *like* to run.  But I do love the feeling of accomplishment that follows the finish of 7 or 8 miles.
17. I am half-cuban, and lived the first five years of my life in Peru.  I used to be bilingual.
18. I love curling up in my corner of the couch with a new magazine or catalogue, and dog-ear corners to pages of things I will never buy.
19. I love that I shoot both studio & location, b/c I get sick of studio in time for location, and vice-versa.
20. I have a phobia of grates and storm drains, so I refuse to step on them, and will do all thats in my power to walk around them.
21. I also have a phobia of sleeping with a closet door open. Nope. Must be shut.
22. One of my favorite sights is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. It means I’m home.
23. Random strangers often tell me I look like Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Gardner, or Julia Roberts. I think I look more like Claire Danes, a la Romeo & Juliet, lol.
24. Speaking of… “My So-Called Life” is one of my all time favorite shows… and was totally me in High School. Right down to the two eclectic friends.
25. my favorite color is…..


And a recent photo that Nate helped take…


Sweet sweet Tara was such a treat! She was just a little package of precious with a sunny disposition and bright eyes!   She was really expressive and a little poser for sure.  Thanks C family for letting Tara come play with me!