50/52 the flu

December 20, 2010

This past week, the Burns house got hit, and got hit hard. It was the nasty, nasty flu. It started two fridays ago, when Seth’s school called and asked that I come pick him up. Within the next 48 hours, we were all falling like logs with high fevers. I peaked at 102.5* myself. Audrey was the last to get sick, and she also held on to her fever the longest, poor Bitty. She peaked at 103.6*, which scared me, so off to the Dr we went. Audrey ended up being our Dr’s first diagnosed case of Flu this season. Yippee. Everyone is finally on the mend, though we are all stil sleeping a lot, and appetites are small. The image below is Lucas sleeping…. he has crazy eyelashes!

andrea burns photography

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