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This scene has been our life the last couple weeks.  We tried to potty train Lucas back in January and it was just an epic disaster.  I decided to try again right after his birthday… and wouldn’t you know… 3 or 4 accidents in the last couple weeks.  Lucas has done incredibly well.  I totally recommend Elmo’s Potty DVD and the bribe of candy.  Go Lucas!

Andrea I have a question for you! I am from Az and I have been looking for some great materials and rugs to use for infant photos could you please recommend where to look? Thank you in advance for your help :)

I have found great fabrics at my local Jo-Ann’s Fabric.  I just look for great texture or pattern.  I’ve also been known to use a fun shower curtain every now and then too. 

how do you finish your photos? like what photoshop tricks do you have…if any? do you use actions or are you just naturally awesome sooc?

I always finish my photos with an Unsharp Mask in Photoshop to defog the photo.  Digital images tend to have a little bit of “fog” or softness that an USM can clear.  I also religiously use a Sharpen-for-Web action that resizes and converts to web color for me.  I never show anything on the web that hasn’t had that action run.  That said, I do try to get everything right In Camera first.  But I do usually adjust levels and might pop color a little in my post processing.

Are you planning on having any more babies? :o) Also, Are you still running? What advice would you give to someone who is not a runner but would love to start?

We are done having babies.  We have always just wanted three children, and I am just beyond blessed with the beautiful miracles God has already given me.   I am still running!  I took a couple months off over the Winter, but am back at it in full swing.  I actually have a 10K race this weekend, and am looking forward to racing in my first full marathon this Fall.  As for advice, you can look at the Couch to 5K program.  I always just went slow and added mileage and speed as my endurance built.   Another piece of advice, go get specially fitted for shoes that are perfect for you!  And invest in a GOOD pair of shoes!  Take care of those feet!

Have you ever considered teaching an online photography and/or photo editing course? Or, maybe including a photography tips and tricks section on your site?

I have considered it!  Winter is usually a little slower with clients, so I am thinking of offering a beginner’s class next Winter.  Owning a DSLR will probably be a requirement.

What lenses do you have and use? What is your “go to” lens?

Well, first off, I shoot with a Nikon D700.  The lenses I own and love are all Nikkor lenses…. 24-70 f/2.8 – 70-200 f/2.8 – 50mm f/1.4G – 60mm macro f/2.8 – 85mm f/1.8.  My go-to lens, the one I use 80% of the time is my 24-70mm.

How do you get your pics sooooo crisp and clear!! Is it the camera, lens, editing??

Well, I truly believe that my “tools” do lend to my images.  By investing in a nice camera, it can handle noise and grain with great color and clarity.  My lenses are “Pro glass” and there is a huge difference in quality between these and the kit lens you can get.  Now, with both working together, I really try to achieve perfect exposure, b/c that is the key to a crisp photo.  And underexposed photo will be dark, and because of that, very grainywith a loss of detail.  A properly exposed photo wil have hardly any grain and great details.

Hi Andrea, Would you be willing to photograph a family from the Philadelphia area (we live about 15 mins from the DE/PA border)?

Yes!  I am willing to travel a couple hours to shoot you and your family, we can even meet halfway.  I do have some traveling fees that may apply.

How do you get such great shots indoors? Umbrella lights? Enormous windows for natural lighting? Is there a particular lens you would recommend for great indoor shots?

I start off with a great lens.  Indoors I usually use my 24-70mm or my 50mm and open the aperture as much as I can.  I just try to pay attention to where the light is falling.  Inside I usually just use natural light (my softbox is saved for studio work).  If it is raining or unusually gloomy I will bounce a flash off the ceiling or behind me into a window.

I would love to know how you edit the eyes in your pictures. I see so many photographers lately that go crazy with that, and they end up looking fake. The eyes in your pictures just look beautiful. Also, does your baby just have naturally beautiful skin, or do you photoshop that a little, too?

Where the light falls is very important.  I’m always looking for where the catchlight is falling.  Eyes without catchlights are dead-looking.  Once in photoshop I do dodge the whites just a little bit to brighten them.  I do photoshop skin.  I soften skin on a seperate layer and then bring back the sharp eyes and other facial features, leaving skin smoothed.  I tend to not have to do this as strongly with children as I do with adults.

How do you get babies and toddlers to sit/stand still and look at the camera long enough to get a nice shot?

Boy, do I sweat during a session!  The child’s mother and I are forever wrangling and acting like idiots to grab attention.  I may be jumping up and down while growling like a dinosaur, or shaking one of my MANY noisemakers.  Sometimes a parent will play peekaboo around the corner of the light.  Sometimes I put a peice of clear scotchtape in their fingers.  This stops them long enough to check out the tape, in time for me to do somethng rediculous, lol.  Sometimes containment is the way to go… toddlers in a chair or basket.

I use a DSLR to take snapshots of my kids, but our house has almost no natural light. Is there any way to make my photos look more natural in my dark house?

I suggest investing in a speedlight flash.  You can practice with bouncing the light up or behind you to fill the room with a softer, more natural light.

Where did you get that great mat, that looks like old wood flooring?

That was a great find at Urban Outfitters.  :)

This was fun!  Thanks so much for your questions, I’ll be sure to do this again!  I hope you find everything helpful.

You may remember me mentioning HERE about how Audrey was chosen as Pottery Barn Kid’s Cutest Kid of the Month back in January & February.  Well, after church a couple weeks ago one of my friends stopped me and said, “I saw Audrey at PBK!”  Turns out that PBK has created a nationwide display using Audrey’s photos on the Girl’s side.

andrea burns photography

andrea burns photography

andrea burns photography

How much fun is that?!?!  Audrey’s been seen here in Maryland, in Ohio, Colorado, New York, Florida,  Oklahoma, Oregon and North Carolina!  Have you seen her?  I’d love to hear your location!

andrea burns photography

I will be doing a fan/ client Q&A later this week. Please submit and and all questions to me here or through email. I’ll answer what I can honestly and openly about anything! Can’t wait to see what YOU are wondering about!

andrea burns photography

audrey elizabeth

april 29, 2009

10 months old

blue eyes

likes mashed bananas

laughs when fed chocolate

hates diaper changes

loves “this is the way the lady rides”

wants to eat every crumb

prefers Mama

can’t live without Puppy and mama snuggles

If I told you that these blond and blue eyed beauties are Dominican, would you believe me? I hope so! These precious children (and their lovely parents, of course) were here for a year long furlough this past year.  These babies knew nothing but tropical sun until they moved here.  And then their Daddy had the bright idea to pray for “a little of snow.”  Well you locals and blog followers know that his prayer came true… ten fold!

andrea burns photography

andrea burns photography

andrea burns photography

andrea burns photography

andrea burns photography

Thank you C family for letting me capture this precious moment in your children’s lives…. :)

Birthday Recap….

March 15, 2010

andrea burns photography

It was a good day.

Presents (his faves are the Geo Trax train and the play food) ….. a lunch date with Mama at Starbucks, where he could order whatever he wanted. He had Cafe con Leche and the icing off the cupcake….. playing with the train so much the batteries died in 24 hours……. cake and food ………… birthday snuggles.

It was a great day.

Young boys should never be sent to bed… they always wake up a day older. J.M. Barrie

That quote always chokes me.  How true and profound….  Today is Lucas’ sweet birthday.  Happy 3 years to one of the BEST people I know.

birth, 1 year & 2 years old

andrea burns photography

and now some 3 year old goodness…. my heat is stuttering… I can see the little boy in him now….

andrea burns photography

andrea burns photography

andrea burns photography

The Awesome shirt is from The Polka Dot Spot.

We are in trouble with the girls later.  For sure.  What a face he has!  Happy Birthday Lucky Lucas!

andrea burns photography

lucas elliot

march 12, 2007

3 years old

blue eyes

likes “peeps-za”

loves chocolate

hates baths

loves bedtime

wants to relax

prefers Mama

can’t live without Puppy and/or Elephant