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I love repeat clients…. I LOVE watching the kids grow, and getting a chance to chat with and catch up with the parents. I shot Mr. C last year, and this year Mama wanted a full family shoot.

Mr C has definitely grown up some! He’s still a busy guy, but he was a trooper, putting up with me and my shenanigans.


And the lovely I family. Thanks for a great afternoon!

Introducing Josh, my other senior. Word on the street is that he’s quite the outdoors man, so you’ll be seeing him again with an outdoor woodsy session. This young man is very ambitious, and is planning on protecting our country by joining the service.

Very recently I had 2 Seniors come in for some studio time. This is the first young man, Jeremy. Very polite and sincere, even when I made him iron his shirt (so Mom wouldn’t be mad later) ;)

Thanks Jeremy! See you in a couple months for your outdoor session!

The Montgomery Village Arts & Crafts Fair was this past weekend. I submitted the color photo of Seth, my oldest, at the piano in the angel wings (also on my Session Details page on my website) and the B&W pic of both my boys, where Lucas is biting Seth’s nose. Last year I got First Place for the dog/ truck photo.

I got 2 Second Places in the Pro category, and a judge sought me out to personally tell me he enjoyed my angel/ piano picture. Both 1st Places were landscapes… in fact mine were the ONLY human portraits in the Pro categories…

You can see the first place winners right next to mine, both landscapes.

Thanks for stopping by!

In all my years of teaching and now photography… I have never seen a child boogie and dance the way Sargent B did! Sargent B’s favorite song is “Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club”… and boy did his tush wiggle, lol!

PS~ Dad does a mean Elmo impression. I was cracking up right along with Sargent B!