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Dear Si’s Mama,
How could this be the same baby Si? It seems like I just photographed him in his eight week beauty… can he really be celebrating his half-birthday? You brought him in, and it was all I could do to not take a nibble. Si was so snuggly and loveable, and still quite the serious little man.

This first image? My favorite.

Thanks for coming back Si, can’t wait to see you for your birthday!

…. and now on to showcase my first Muse. Miss Lulu. (sigh) As a wee, barely two year old, she came along on my very first date with her uncle (to the local park). Two years later she was my little four year old flower girl at our wedding. I am seriously stumbling over her turning 11 and how grown up she has become.

Love to you, Lulu!

I recently had my lovely sister-in-law here for a visit last weekend. Her daughters are absolutely my first “clients”…. Muses if you will. On my website’s opening slideshow You’ll see two little girls laughing at a tea party. Three summers ago, Miss Beezee below, was that tiny toddler. Now she’s just a teeny four year old. With sass. ;)

Here are images of a Wedding Album Book. It is 10×10, with a custom cover and book jacket.

Have to share the last page… its a letter written to her from him, that the proposal was in! The top left photo is a photo from that day as well.

K’s Headshots

February 10, 2009

Miss K needed some professional headshots for a business purposes. Well, as you can see, she and her natural beauty made my job very easy.

Do you need headshots? Send me an email or contact me through my website.


February 4, 2009

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