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After a slew of toddlers, I got a brief break, and was able to shoot a lovely family of adults and teens. Everyone behaved magnificently, even the dog ;) LOL! All joking aside, this was a very sweet and laid back family, and I loved their little nook in the woods.

Thanks C family for a great afternoon!

I love this girl! Miss Em is very special to me, and I was thrilled to capture just a peek into her beauty. She is gifted in so many areas… music, leadership, and I am blessed weekly with her genuine and sensitive heart.

Thanks Emily… and I mean it… thank you.

The Hostess of my last Portrait Party, and her family. I’ve known Frannie for years now, her son is my son’s age. It was a complete honor to capture the B’s in all of their charismatic glory!

Stop in again soon!

Saturday, Oct 4 my lovely friend just over the state line in VA, helped me host another Portrait Party. Here are some of my favorites from that day.

As you can see, I did a big mix of both studio and outdoor stuff. I had a great time, all of the families were really lovely to meet. I’m really blessed in the sense that my hostesses know such great people. And seriously… can these kids be any cuter?

Meet little L… he is just a darling lil’ chub. Just take a look at his lashes and lips here….

Who can resist that? And what about his face?

You just want to {{{squeeze}}} him! His mama and I have become friends over this last year, and it was my complete joy to photograph his first birthday photos.